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Accept secure and open mobile payments in stores and websites with check-out lasting a few seconds

Mobile payment is an opportunity for loyalty programs, special offers, geolocation services. mobysign is also a new method to pay fast, in the safest way, with no POS needed and increasing the retention of customers who will be enabled to pay through their fingerprint or keeping in mind just a PIN on their smartphones.

You decide your acquirer and the payment methods to enable such as credit/debit cards, instant payments for PSD2, loyalties, giftcards … all integrated.
No matter which bank the merchant and the end users have.
The end user will choose the payment method preferred among ones you enabled.
The check-out is performed in a few seconds.

With mobysign shopping is easy and safe for merchants and consumers:

  • The merchant needs only an Internet connection and a browser/app to send payment requests to consumers

  • in alternative the till system will be integrated; NCR systems are already able to treat mobysign transactions

  • No POS is required

  • in stores: the end user makes the till read his/her cross or loyalty barcode displayed on the smartphone or  the end user scans the QR code relevant to the proper till

  • on ecommerce websites: the user scans a QRcode displayed on the PC through mobysign app  or clics on a federated app/website or types his/her phone number or nickname/username on any device

  • a popup appears requiring end user confirmation

  • a fingerpring or a unique PIN avoids end-users to directly register in e-commerce websites with additional passwords they would forget by reducing payment volumes. They can order and pay without a direct registration on websites, but data needed fo complete the transaction will be provided automatically

  • The merchant doesn’t have to manage cash but gets money directly to his account

  • highest security level

  • short the time between the consumer’s idea of buying and the real action

With mobysign merchants increase business advantages with safe and easy mobile payment, converting the purchase into a smart & cool user experience for the customers.

If you are interested in this innovative system of mobile payment or e-commerce payment for your business please contact us for further information.





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