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Business revolution

mobysign is a revolution that brings great advantages to end-users, online and retail merchants, acquirers as well as issuers and banks.


Benefits for banks and issuers

  • decide whether to use MobySign SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) in co-branded, customized, or neutral mode

  • decide whether to adopt mobisign SCA for bank accounts or card issuing or for both

  • leverage on the use of the smartphone and our patented PKI-based system that implements Dynamic Linking, PSD2 and RTS requirements natively

  • avoid solutions that charge the complexity of PSD2 on the customers and on the user experience

  • use the smartphone to finalize transactions originated from any device, including the same smartphone, as well as the PC, ATM, or supermarket/store tills

  • let your customers no longer have to copy security codes, but type only one unique PIN for each transaction or use the fingerprint

  • adopt a SCA that ensures that the authentication code is known only to the bank and not to the PISP-AISP! By mobysing the authentication code does not pass through PISP-AISP systems

  • avoid users switching between one application and another: mobysign does it automatically

  • allow users not to enter the amount and beneficiary in the authentication tool

  • enabling users to carry out mobile transactions with a very simple and natively mobile user experience

  • enable safe login on home and mobile banking with the same tool

  • enable money transfers that are absolutely configurable even against the man-in-the-middle attacks

  • adopt the SCA required by PSD2 with a new business model that transforms instant payments from a threat to an opportunity: depending on the model chosen by the bank, rebates from mobysign instant payment are given back to the bank of the payer

  • start the mobile payment business with the highest possible security

  • implement multi-beneficiary transfers without having to type their references in the authentication tool

  • decide whether, in addition to the SCA, also to use the wallet and PISP features offered by mobysign

  • start the mobile payment business integrated with credit card circuits and Instant Payments PSD2

  • be part of an instantaneous interoperable network, where each bank authenticates its customers by retaining their ownership

  • differentiate on the market

  • simplify internal procedures and reduce costs by eliminating paper contracts: just electronic documents

  • minimize frauds and reverse the burden of the proof


Benefits for merchants

  • cancel consumer’s barriers that are reducing e-payment transactions volumes and related revenues

  • enable a new channel growing transaction volumes in mobility as well

  • adoption of mobile payment to offer payments methods up to date to end users

  • use a mobile payment system neutral with respect to the type of smartphone/tablet of the consumer, the acquirer chosen by the merchant, the use of the circuit card or PSD2 instant payment, giftcard or loyalty and ticket restaurants chosen by the merchant and selected by the consumer

  • allow users to access Web sites without having to remember usernames and passwords

  • does not require users to fill data forms, but automatically get useful data to complete the transaction

  • allow online users mobysign to a simpler user experience, by selecting items to add to the basket without prior login: at the same act of paying, information about the user, shipping and billing information will be provided automatically

  • where, however, a preliminary login is requested, end users can use the same fingerprint or PIN, that is the same as for the payment without having to remember more passwords

  • get data shipping and billing in seconds without asking consumers to write

  • issue the invoice or receipt on the user’s smartphone without having to print on paper and avoid queues at information desks

  • increase payment transaction volumes with advertising popup service: consumers have just to react to special offers, confirming to accept and pay

  • minimize e-frauds and insurance expenses

mobysign is fast to integrate thanks to a plugin that can be easily integrated into any server architecture.

mobysign Ltd - Company number 09331426
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