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A passpartout app to pay and log-in easy and safe by common smartphones and tablets

 We usually make the effort to remember a lot of passwords to log in, copy credit card details when paying over the net, try to remember the PINs of the different cards at the till; this is uncomfortable for end users and also a barrier reducing payment transaction volumes and related revenues in e-commerce and retail market. That’s not just boring, it’s also risky as credentials are sent over the net and may be easily stolen. Home and mobile banking as well are affected by e-frauds as their current authentication technology shows vulnerabilities.

mobysign is a single-sign-on and authentication layer capable of turning a standard BlackBerry, iPhone and Android into a secure and easy to use authentication device to pay and login, “all in one”:

  • in mobility, for mobile payments, mobile banking and apps federated

  • online, combined with a PC/tablet for a double authentication factor on e-commerce websites and home banking

mobysign is also able to make you sign documents and contracts with the same legal value of signature on paper, for all European countries and further.

mobysign is easy to use:

  • your fingerprint or a unique PIN to keep in mind for both, pay and log-in

  • you have just to react with your fingerprint or typing your PIN for confirmation when an automatic popup appears on your smartphone display

  • you can also start transactions via mobysign app

  • there is no need to change your mobile operator

  • the payment is executed via credit card without bringing it with you or via money transfer

  • merchants need a browser or app only and can start working in minutes. The system in sintegrated with NCR tills as well.

mobysign is secure:

  • passwords, credit card details, fingerprints and PIN are not transmitted over the net

  • mobysign brings the most secure technology – so defined by international regulations – onto standard smartphones: digital signature of the transaction

  • the popup on the smartphone requires your fingerprint or PIN for confirmation; compare this message with the QRcode at the till or the related request you or the merchant have just done on the e/m commerce website/app from a PC/tablet/smartphone itself: a difference detects for you a hackers’attack attempt

  • compare the message on the popup with the related request you have just done on the ecommerce or home/mobile banking website from your smartphone or from a PC/tablet

mobysign app on the smartphone needs to receive your confirmation and send information to mobysign server. It uses zero cost messages and internet traffic on common smartphones.

mobysign technology is patented in all Europe and United States and stores your identity key in your smartphone in secure way.

mobysign ensures your digital identity for logins, dispositions, payments, document signatures and is certified as advanced electronic signature and qualified electronic signature.

mobysign is the authentication layer for today and tomorrow’s smartphones.




mobysign Ltd - Company number 09331426
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