mobysign: your easy, safe and smart single-sign-on app to pay and login

With mobysign you just need to use your fingerprint or keep in mind your PIN: forget passwords and credit/debit card numbers and multiple PINs. You can pay in stores or online, log-in your ecommerce or home/mobile banking without any risks. Ask your merchant or bank and register on mobysign


You have just to react to a popup automatically appearing on the smartphone, use your fingerprint or type your PIN and press ‘Y’ to pay or log-in safely.   


You can authorize the payment via credit/debit card schemes or money transfer, loyalty, ticket restaurant, giftcard and also log-in websites and other apps.


Credit card numbers, PIN, passwords, fingerprints or sensitive details are not sent over the Internet, and you don’t need to carry cash, plastics and wallet.


mobysign works with common iPhone, Blackberry, Android without waiting for next smartphone generation. You don’t need to change your Mobile Operator. 


mobysign Ltd - Company number 09331426
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