Pay mobile

Your mobile wallet to pay in shops, supermarkets, parkings, on ecommerce websites, merchant apps, paper bills, by managing credit and loyalty cards, coupons, meal tickets. Shipment data, e-receipts and e-invoices available in seconds: no waste of time to type or dictate.

Login smart

Too many passwords? Logins and dispositions on any device with just a PIN for ecommerce websites, e/m banking, public administration services, cash withdrawals, apps. No captcha, no quiz, no OTP tokens to carry with you. In anonymous or digital identity mode.

Be safe

mobysign on the smartphone/tablet, used alone or to extend security to any device (PC, till, PoS, ATM..) as the safest multifactor authentication based on transaction signing or to sign documents. No PIN, password, card detail, biometric/sensitive data sent, so they can’t be stolen!

Feel free

Type your phone number/nickname on a device or click on apps or show a mobile barcode or scan a QR. Then just react by typing a PIN on the smartphone/tablet when a popup appears on it. Just a PIN to choose and keep in mind. Forget about plastics, passwords, tokens, paper!

mobysign Ltd - Company number 09331426
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